Who is Jeremy Stewart?

Jeremy started out as an MC/Hip Hop artist at the age of 18, studying under a hip hop crew who became his mentors, he learned how to write and record his own songs, through the crew he learned about the hip hop culture itself and what it meant being about self expression through different forms of art whether breakdance, DJ, rap or clothing this later led him to venture into the art of photography and videography as it was a way to capture moments in a unique, fun, different, creative and more outstanding way. Jeremy wanted to break away from the normal style of photography and videography by bringing his love, background, knowledge and lifestyle of Hip Hop into it. Whether doing photography or videography Jeremy has captured some of the most amazing, fun, exciting, unique, different and professional images and videos with his phone and cameras. From Bands at the bar, weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, family photos, senior portraits, car shows, horse races to nature and storms. Jeremy will capture the most amazing and professional photos while also capturing those “WOW” and unexpected/caught off guard moments.

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