We have been networking for over a decade with people and professionals of various industries, professions, talents, skills & trades. And our network is constantly and consistently growing daily. Our network consist of artists, musicians, photographers, models, music and film producers, boxers, entertainment managers, C.E.O.’s, chairmen, promotors, actors, comedians, music supervisors, music/film distributors, record label A&R’s, event coordinators, radio stations, podcasters, fashion designers and many more. Ranging from established legends and A-list to independent respectfully¬†

Current Projects

Model/Artist Competition

We have partnered with a new modeling/artist competition in Atlanta, unlike any other ever seen or done before, where the goal is to help models and artists with world wide promotion, this is also a great opportunity for sponsors.

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We have partnered with a legendary Boxing manager/trainer who has been working with professional, established and famous Boxers as well as Artists/Musicians for over 20 years and will soon be holding bouts with new, up and coming Boxers from all over the U.S., his company is also working with independent artists and looking for the next great artists ready for the spotlight

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World Renowned Boxing Manager/Trainer - Hypeman Repo Ric with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Drama driven Female modeling reality series

We have partnered with a producer/talent manager out of Las Vegas who has developed and soon producing a HOT new Drama driven Female modeling reality series starring some of the most beautiful and established models, some of which have hundreds of thousands to millions of followers on social media. This show will be aired on TV networks.


Whether it’s an artist, model, business, athlete, actor, comedian or podcast or anyone or anything creating or building a brand. We’ve worked with many helping to create, build or expand their brand using some older techniques while focusing on innovative creative and unique methods.


We meet new and interesting people everyday from all types of business’s, backgrounds and places with all types of talents, skills, experience, and expertise and we are passionate about connecting the dots and helping build productive, mutually beneficial and professional relationships between our newer and older professionals within our network. If you’re a professional looking for resources to help build, grow or expand your professional endeavors, lets network.

We’ve had the pleasure of connecting professionals in boxing, modeling, photography, music, film, fashion, technology, radio. Our consultant fee varies depending on your needs, but is always reasonable and fair.

So are you ready to connect? Because we are ready to connect you. 

Oliver C. Brown lead Percussionist for KC & The Sunshine Band - Featured Guest on the OnAirWithWalt Podcast
36 time international Gold and Platinum Award Winning Producer - Mark S. Berry - Featured Guest on the OnAirWithWalt Podcast

Talent Management

Your success is our goal so we do more than our best to ensure your talent is seen or heard and most importantly respected. Finding and working with the right and best resources that help your brand, image, sound and/or project to do its best at being successful is our mission and a mission in which we will be successful.

We think big and dream big and encourage you (the talent) to do the same


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Commercials & Videos are an excellent promotional tool to advertise/showcase your business, talent, brand, event or product and excellency is what we strive for.

Whether it is for your website, social media or T.V., we can create something amazing.

Website Design

Especially in the digital age it is extremely important to have a website especially if you’re a professional who wants to look, sound and be respected as a professional, anyone and everyone can have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and any other form of social media they want and while those are very helpful tools and resources, having a professional website takes your level of professionalism much higher and more serious.

When customers or viewers are looking for your business, product, service, talent etc… through social media it can be hard to find you as there could be many people with a similar business, name, product or talent however with a website they can see your website in all of your social media as well as through any search engine.

We have had the pleasure of designing websites for artists, web-series, Famous Boxing Trainers/Managers/Brands, Podcasters etc….


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